Informative Essay On Alcoholism

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Alcoholism Do you know an alcoholic? Do you know how to help an alcoholic ? Well, a big issue in the world is alcoholism. Alcoholism is the inability to stop drinking and it is very common. Your life can fall apart just after your first drink. Alcoholics don’t know when to stop and they abuse alcohol. One of my family member is an alcoholic and I needed to know how I can help them get through it. Alcoholism is a chronic disease that affects over 18 million people around the world (Yasinski). Alcohol isn’t a bad thing as long as you don’t abuse it like alcoholics do. Alcoholism affects a lot of things! It affects the person, because they can potentially lose their job if they get a DUI (drinking while driving) or they get caught drunk at work. It also affects the alcoholic’s health because they can die of an overdose (Roan). It also in fact affects family members and close friends. They may not know how to help their struggling alcoholic. …show more content…

Luckily, alcoholism is treatable and you can help them by supporting the struggling alcoholic. One way that you can help is, reducing it in your home. You can also call them when they’re in the car and they have an urge to drink. In contrast to that, you can encourage them to get a sponsor. A sponsor is a person they can call if they feel the urge to drink and somebody they can talk to to get their mind off of drinking. You can encourage them to attend AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings as well (Roan). Finally, you can support them and encourage them to seek medical help where a doctor may prescribe medication . To conclude, if you know a struggling alcoholic you need to do something about it. It can mean the difference from saving their life or watching them

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