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Thanks to Jane Moffat, I discovered a wonderful show last year called Backstage TV, and from the moment I watched it, I was hooked. As I began to examine the people involved with the show, I discovered a wealth of talent of which I was previously unaware, and one of those people happens to be Kate Hewlett. This is a woman who has truly "done it all," or practically has, and I was thrilled when she took some time recently to answer a few questions about her career within the entertainment universe. RH: What inspired you to become an actress? What kind of training have you had? KH: My brother David {Hewlett} inspired me to become an actress, despite repeatedly telling me "Do not become an actress!" Seeing the career that he had and the …show more content…

I have never felt so welcome as I did on that set, mostly because of Eric Johnson and Julia Taylor Ross. I also got to work with Jordan Pettle on a script written by his brother Adam Pettle, both of whom I adore. Pretending to give birth to a baby for twelve hours could have been a huge nightmare (not as much as actually giving birth for twelve hours, obviously...), but this crew and cast made the whole thing a total pleasure. And I had broken up with my fiance two days before, so I was pretty raw! I had a recurring role on Remedy, so I'm not sure if that counts, but the episode of Remedy where my character had her own storyline was another favorite experience. The writing on that show was so strong -- it was like being in a play again. And I love the way Greg Spottiswood runs a show. He treats television like theatre -- gives it the same respect, values rehearsal, gives honest feedback. It was both terrifying and fun. What is the first thing you wrote for TV/film? How was that experience and how was it received? My short film She Said Lenny was my first foray into film/TV writing. It was loosely based on my stage play Humans Anonymous, and it gave me he opportunity to act with my BFF (do people still say that?) Michelle Giroux , who I've known since I was four. We won a big award! It was thrilling! And it inspired me to apply to the CFC for TV writing, which totally changed my

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