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Hey! People should join orchestra because… When the musicians are sick the music will sound gross (if you're in band). Practice Your Music In orchestra if people practice their music they’ll great rewards . If people practice their music, therefore they’ll play better. Also, if people practice their music they’ll can get 1st violin. “The first violins play the highest-pitched part.” Sometimes if people practice they might get a solo piece. If people practice their music the result could be that they can sit in the front so their sound projects more.

What Instrument Was Made 1st??? In orchestra there are five different instruments, including the harp. First in an orchestra was the harp (3000 bc). Next that was created in an orchestra is a violin (1530’s). After that the next instrument that was created
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“Orchestra is a group of musicians who play together on various instruments.” For examples an orchestra could be The Chicago Symphony Orchestra or The Elgin Symphony Orchestra. Some examples of what instruments that are in orchestra is a violin and cello etc. Orchestra has string instruments such as the violin, viola, cello, bass, and harp.

Different Types Of Instruments
The Different types of instruments are going to be sorted by violin, bass,and cello. The first group is violin, the violin is a wooden string instrument in the string family. The violin is the smallest and highest pitched instrument. Bass, the bass is the largest and lowest pitched string instrument. Cello, the cello is a bowed instrument in the string family. It is held upright on the floor between the legs of a seated person.

The 5 subtopics are… Practice your music, What instrument was made first, Orchestra or band, What is orchestra, and lastly different types of instruments. Also, people who don’t know what instrument to play or rather they’re going to join band or orchestra, join orchestra and play the
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