Informative Essay On Riding Horses

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(Surtees). Behavior is a key factor in riding horses. Individuals can learn how to better themselves for the future by improving the way they act. When a young person is focused on brushing, feeding, or working with a horse, their focus is no longer on their own problems and issues. People who have struggled to achieve their treatment goals have made significant breakthroughs through equine therapy. Like all animals, horses set their own boundaries that a rider has to learn respect. Loving an animal can help a child learn how to love themselves as well. “The need for animals to be taken care for on a daily basis fulfills the humans need to be needed, to nurture, and to love.” (Trotter). Children learn to become responsible for themselves and…show more content…
Therapeutic riding allows volunteers and horses to come together to benefit the lives of people living with disabilities. A little girl with cerebral palsy has had more progress with two weeks of therapeutic riding than she did with ten years of other treatments. Winston Churchill says, “There is just something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” By participating in therapeutic horseback riding, mentally challenged people are able to achieve things that may have seemed impossible before. Riding horses can actually help a person burn calories without their knowledge. Simply being outdoors can help reduce a person’s level of stress. Horses help children make connections, build relationships, and improve communication skills. They build confidence in a timid child and they have the power to ease the pain of depression that some people may have previously developed. Horses are easy to work with and they can connect with humans on so many levels. I remember when I was 7 years old my grandma bought me my first horse. As I ventured out to the field I heard a chorus of whinnies that always made me smile. Horses are creatures that always have a warm welcome. A horse does not see a child with disabilities. A horse simply sees a child. Horses have an extraordinary gift to accept and love all humans. For a rider to be successful they must develop a partnership with their
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