Informative Essay: The Secret Anne Frank

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In Frankfort Germany, there was a family named the Franks that consisted of Anne, the youngest of the two, and Margot, Anne’s sister. The Franks lived during the time of World War Two. Mr. Frank had a Secret Annex set up for his family to hide in during this time. The Secret Annex was located in Mr. Frank’s work building behind a bookshelf, in Amsterdam. The Franks were accompanied by Mr. Van Daan, Mrs. Van Daan, and Peter Van Daan. Later, the two families were joined by Mr. Dussel. There was a woman that helped the families with food, supplies, and more. Her name was Meip, and she was an amazing woman for putting her life in danger for her friends. Out of courage, compassion, and sacrifice Mr. Frank is the one that demonstrates it

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