Informative Research Paper On Dementia

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Abstract Dementia is a family of degenerative diseases. It is a health problem compromising the mental and physical health of it suffers, as well as challenging their quality of life. No cure exists for this disease. This paper presents predicaments caused by dementia and it’s impacts on mental health, social interactions, abuse, and intelligence. Dementia and Adulthood Dementia is one of the most feared diseases. Globally, it affects thirty-seven million people. The disease causes cognitive and behavioral decline that lead to permanent, irreversible and degenerative damage to the brain. The damage is so traumatizing it leads to death. The population most susceptible to this deadly disease are adults over the age of sixty-five. It is forecasted that by the year 2050, approximately 16 million people will be diagnosed with dementia. Despite the facts, recently there has been a rise in the number of adults being diagnosed with early onset dementia; challenging even younger adults to live with this disease longer. To ensure a healthy life for our population and a quality of life, it is imperative that we find a cure. Until a cure is rendered, many will suffer indefinitely. Pre-senile Dementia Adults younger than sixty-five are now being diagnosed with early onset dementia. This rise is being considered “…a significant clinical and social problem” (Werner 2009). Frequently, early onset dementia is misdiagnosed due to most physicians assuming
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