Informative Speech About Mummy

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Specific Purpose: To introduce three kinds of mummy from different culture.

(attention getter)
I. Have you watched movies about mummy, such as The mummy and The night at museum before?
(relate to audience)
II. Mostly, they are bad guys in movies, I believed that most of us may think that mummy represents evilness and mystery, we think that they are terrific owing to the power of “curse”.
(goodwill bond)
III. Recently, there is an exhibition held by Hong Kong Science Museum. The theme is called “Eternal Life”. The most attractive exhibit is the Egyptian mummies from British museum. Have you gone to this exhibition before?

(credibility) IV. I went to this exhibition last month, …show more content…

B. Black Mummies 1. The mummies they made were named “black mummies” as layer of the mummy is black. They became black because metal which looks like iron covered on their bodies. C. The Procedure of making Chinchorro Mummies 1. They first cut off the four limbs and head of the body, 2. Then they took out all organs from the body. 3. They also destroyed brain of the body through a hole in the skull. 4. The most different part from Egyptian mummy is that the Morticians will peel off the skin of the body and put skin on the body again. 5. Afterward, the Morticians will rebuild the body using some sticks and hair of animals. 6. Finally, the Morticians will put the black mental on the dead.

I. As I told you in my introduction, there is not only one kind of mummy in the world. No matter which kinds of mummy, they are unique in culture.
(simple summary)
II. To review, three kinds of mummies I have told you,
A. Classic Egyptian

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