Community Teaching Experience Paper

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It was merely a decade ago that the obesity epidemic was thought to only be a minor problem and had only alarmed a small number of endocrinologists interested by the size of the situation (James, 2008). However today, the problem of obesity is vast with more awareness of its presence by doctors and individuals alike. In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states, “More than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese (CDC, 2014)”. These numbers are outrageous and eye opening, leaving millions looking for a solution to this troubling epidemic. Obesity is not simply a cosmetic flaw as some might think, but is actually a very dangerous state of being for any individual to sustain long-term. Mentioned further in …show more content…
During the presentation I was very nervous and dislike speaking in front of crowds; I feel I did well simply because I am passionate about the topic. My own evaluation of the experience was overall a positive one. The information presented to the audience was over thirty-minutes, several individuals had questions, primarily regarding the weight loss surgery. However, the next time a teaching experience such as this one is conducted, I feel that a measure to test the audience would be beneficial. I feel like a fun group quiz or a trivia game would have been valuable in testing the audience’s knowledge. The only complaint I have is the time restriction. I had thirty minutes to present an introduction and the power point and feel I could have went more in depth if given more time. Overall, I feel this teaching experience was a success.
The community response was a mixed one. I delivered the power point as planned and about half of my audience turned out to be really focused on obtaining more information regarding weight loos surgery. Although I provided information in the power point about weight loss surgery, it was not my focus. Answering questions, to the best of my knowledge, about weight loss surgery took up a lot of my time. I did not have the “know how” to get the presentation back on track after the weight loss surgery slide. However, I did have a lot questions from the audience regarding the
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