Informative Speech On Hurricanes

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ATTENTION GETTER: How many of you all have experience a hurricane?

REVEAL YOUR TOPIC: Today, we will discuss the process of a hurricane from what it is, how it develops, and how it is categorizes.

RELEVANCE STATEMENT: According to an article on USA Today, by Doyle Rice, Texas is one of the top 3 states that are likely to experience a hurricane, most specifically the Gulf Coast area. In the beginning, I asked who has experience a hurricane and the majority raised their hand. If you have not, because you recently arrived to the RGV and used to live in a city where hurricanes were not common, then there is a big possibility that you will eventually experience a hurricane.

CREDIBILITY STATEMENT: By living in the Rio Grande Valley, I have had several experiences with hurricanes. Ever since, my first hurricane experience, I have been curious how did these hurricane form, where did it come from. So, I began to research things regarding hurricanes.

PREVIEW: Hurricanes are huge violent storms, that form near the equator, and are categorize by experts.

TRANSITION: Let’s begin with what is a hurricane

BODY I. According to Brain Dunbar, from Nasa, a hurricane is large swirling storm that produces winds of 74 mph or higher. That is much faster than the world’s fastest animal on land, a cheetah, which speeds range from 68-75 mph. Hurricanes are powerful rotating tropical storms which an average diameter of 100 miles. A hurricane is made up of an eye, the center of the storm, which
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