Informative Speech On Snoopy

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Madelynn Parrott
Section 21
General Purpose: My general purpose is to inform.
Specific Purpose: Inform my audience about Snoopy.
Central Idea: Snoopy is so special to me because he gives me the realization that I can be myself despite what others think, he serves as an inspiration to think adventurously, and he gives a demonstration of how to treat the people closest to me.
Snoopy for the Win
How many people, by a show of hands, have a dog or at some point want to get a dog?
I don’t have a dog, but if I were to get one, I know exactly which dog I would get. By far, the coolest dog in the world, cooler than the Robert Downey Jr. and yes, even cooler than James Bond is of course Charlie Brown’s beloved pet, Snoopy.
Snoopy, I believe, is the best dog to ever be drawn (motion with hand) into this world because we can all relate to him in some way or another. He gives us three -tions as I like to call them. What do I mean by -tions? I mean he gives us a realization, he gives inspiration, and he gives us a demonstration or example to follow.
Let’s first start with how Snoopy gives us a realization.
Snoopy gives us the realization that it’s okay to be yourself even when other people don’t like it.
He time and time again gets up on Schroeder’s piano and dances because that’s what he enjoys doing. Every time Schroder gives him that, “I’m going to kill you look,” Snoopy does get sheepishly off, but he gets right back on the next time

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