Informative Speech on the Surf Rider Foundation Essay example

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informative speech by kayla venable, mcneese state university
1. Attention Getter: With the economy the way it is now and all that’s happening with the oil spill each and every one of us needs to put effort into saving the environment and our wildlife. The blame for global warming, landfills, and pollution rests in our hands. 2. Listener Relevance Link: What can you do as individuals to help improve our ecosystem? You can become a volunteer at The Surfrider Foundation. 3. Speaker Credibility Link: I’ve taken it upon myself to join the The Surfrider Foundation and put
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1. Activities and cleanup is first and foremost, they are done with the desire to protect the coastal and shore environments. 2. They would also like to prevent the waves and beaches from pollution and destruction. C. The Foundation has many chapters of Grass Root Activism. 1. The strength of Surfrider comes from these 90 chapters total worldwide. 2. The community based chapters prove the power that people have and in doing that the influence others to have positive change in their community.
Transition Statement: The Surfrider Foundation has worked very hard to substantially improve our ocean environment.
2. Second Main Point: The primary goals of the foundation are to: A. To have clean water which is obviously their main goal and they do this in: 1.Making sure to protect and restore coastal water quality. 2. Prevent the littering of cigarette buts which sea animals often
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