Informative Speech on Swimming Essay

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General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the history and development of swim along with its applications.

Central Idea: Swimming has a long and rich history that dates back way before our generations and is not always as beneficial as we may think.

Method of Organization: Topical


I. (Gain attention and interest) I remember joining the high school swim team back in my sophomore year. I remember struggling to catch a breath in between every stroke while simultaneously trying not to breath in any water. To be honest, swimming scared me, but drowning scared me more.

III. (Establish credibility) Even though the risk of drowning may seem daunting,
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In 1873, this hybrid stroke became known as the Trudgen stroke.
4. Trudgen effectively changed England’s swimming styles from endurance based to more speed based. iv. Another swimming pioneer, Fredrick Cavill , helped further develop Trudgen’s stroke into an even faster stroke known as the front crawl (
1. He was an Englishman and a notable swimmer who emigrated to Australia.
2. Like Arthur Trudgen, Cavill observed the natives of the Solomon Islands and found that Trudgen’s stroke would have been significantly faster if he would have incorporated the native’s kicking action.
3. Cavill refined the native’s stroke and taught it to his sons, one of which would later use the stroke in a competition in England.
4. Since England was still using the Trudgen stoke, Cavill’s son Richard, destroyed his competition with the more efficient stroke, which he described as, “crawling through the water” ( Hence, the name front crawl.

2. As I previously mentioned, I will describe the four basic strokes that swimming consists of, such as the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
A. The Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA), the governing body for international competitive swimming, regulates everything swim related.
i. FINA, states that, “the four official strokes, breast, back, free and fly, comprise all the events in national and international competition” ( ii. Each stroke is an individual event in swimming
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