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Case Study Infosys Strategic Human Resource Management
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October 31st, 2011

In October 2006 Harvard Business Review article entitled, Infosys: Strategic Human Resource Management” discusses the rapidly expanding computer software giant and the challenges it faced in maintaining its high performance and employee satisfaction. In this article, the company’s strategy regarding strategic human resource management was evaluated. This case study was written based on the information gathered from this evaluation and is based on three parts. The first part identifies the major issues preventing Infosys from achieving its goal to regain its top ten ranking for best performing company and best employer. The second part address
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With the company’s mission and core values set in place early in the start-up of the organization, they successfully earned the Business Today Best Employer Survey two years in a row. However, they faced challenges managing the human resource aspect of their organization the following year when they lost the coveted top employer survey.
Despite the rave reviews by employees during the earlier years of the organization, the hierarchy of employees had become despairingly discontent. In the early days the company offered stock options which made the employees very wealthy. This provided a sought relationship between candidates and employees alike. Expecting the same treatment as their predecessors, the newer employees we not offered the same strike price benefit due to a government agency.
One of the issues was that both middle and senior managers were not in touch with their rapidly growing subordinates. The managers did not correlate the discontent with their employees doing less interesting work as well as not being richly rewarded as in years past.
Another issue employees at Infosys disliked was the company becoming process oriented; this led to employees performing repeatable projects. Employees began to realize they were not being stimulated technically as they had been in the initial years.
Many employees felt as though the organization was becoming too impersonal. Additionally, they also felt that Infosys was taking some of their

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