Organizational Development : Chris Peterson At Dss Consulting

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Organizational Development

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Organizational Development
Presentation of the facts
The “Chris Peterson at DSS Consulting” case discusses the events that took place during a structural change of the organization. DSS consulting was established in the late 1990’s three school district administrators, who had already retired. The main purpose of the company was to offer administrative support services to small school districts in Mountain West and Mid-West regions. The main areas of specialization included handling labor agreement negotiations and the implementation of solutions to permanent systems to enable smooth and efficient running of operations in the organizations. DSS Consulting experienced …show more content…

Major issues evident in the case include leadership, communication, organizational change, and organizational culture.
Listing of alternative courses of action that could be taken
Any kind of change in an organization may be challenging as it may demoralize employees and minimize performance. Therefore, main concern for DSS was how to ensure the employees maintain the same level of commitment, for it to achieve its strategic goals. There was a lack of clear concise during the communication of the new organizational strategy to all levels in the organization. The management failed to provide a detailed implementation plan that was to be followed in order to achieve the desired results. The employees themselves also did not receive the communicated information in a favorable manner. Both Meg and Chris did also not communicate effectively during the organizational change. As a result, Chris did not fully grasp what was expected of her as a leader and her team. The management should aim at ensuring the communication within the organization is successful. Successful communication is achieved when both the sender and the receiver have a common understanding of the communicated information. Both Meg and Chris should set up regular structured information. For instance, through the use of memos, emails, written updates, or setting up periodic meetings.
When it comes to leadership, Meg’s leadership can be

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