Inhalational Induction: A Case Study

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Thirty patients underwent anesthesia for DO device procedures, 17 male and 13 female patients, no dropouts, age ranged between 8 and 17 years (Table 2). Inhalational induction was performed on 16 patients and awake fiberoptic bronchoscope with sedation was performed on 14 patients. Mouth opening improved significantly (p 0.001*) and Cormack and Lehane score improved significantly (p 0.021*) between the initial presentation for placement of MDO devices and on removal of the destructor under GA(Table 3). There were no instances of either difficult bag mask ventilation or airway obstruction on induction. There were no instances of failed intubation, no patient required emergency tracheostomy and no case resulted in death. At removal of MDO,

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