Injustices : The Wrong Human Rights

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Injustices: The Wrong Human Rights In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article one states, “[that] all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” (“The Universal Declaration . . . “). Although this is written and followed in many countries around the world, there are still countries that do not follow this statement. These countries are the ones where freedom are not given freely. People have to fights for rights that should be automatically given. Goal number sixteen of the United Nations’ global goals for sustainable development specifically targets this issue. Working towards equality and liberties for all citizens that are sharing this planet by reducing violence is a vital part of societal advancement. Without the people of the world, the other goals are not worth fighting for. Some people believe that poverty is the top priority, yet others disagree due to substantial problems that arise in limited and reduced human rights, the lack of strong powerful governments in developing countries, and violence in conflict areas. Poverty is a worldwide problem that is quite detrimental to health, however it should not be the first goal accomplished. According to the United States census, fourteen point eight percent of people which equivalent to forty-six million seven hundred thousand citizens that were living in poverty (“Poverty” About). Despite this percent not being a majority, a very large number of people are affected. These people have

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