Innate Ideas Essay

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In efforts to find truth, Descartes used only his logic to identify his existence. He also proved that there is some type of knowledge that we are born with. “Some of our ideas seem to be “born with me,” some “invented” by me, whereas others “come from without” (Descartes, 2008, p. 211). Which means Descartes believed that we enter this world with some innate ideas that overtime helps us to develop understanding of our sense (invented by me) and through our experiences (comes from without). Descartes was a dualist; he stated that there existed something outside of our bodies. Descartes suggested that at the “ghost in the machine” theory developed by Gilbert Ryle, which states that there is some mystical being, which we understand is the…show more content…
For example, Creativity, in my opinion, is an innate idea. We are never taught how to be creative; we are only taught (formally or by experience) how to use creativity. For this essay, we can understand creativity as, the combination of application and abstract thinking; most of us would consider ourselves as uncreative, since we cannot produce art, which is also open to based on a matter of opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; this is especially true for the world of art. For instance, look at the work of Jackson Pollock, his work consist of what seems to be just paint splatters but the chaotic design of these paint splatters possess the power to move the viewer. This is why anything can be considered art if it has some type of emotion associated with it. Which is why things like sports or dance can be considered art they provoke an emotional response from the viewer. Another example is Jean-Michael Basquiat, neo-expressionist he started his career as a street artist in the late 70’s. He went under the pseudonym SAMO, which was pronounced “Same Old”. He took his street art from the walls to the canvas. His painted crude illustrations of the human figure, they resembled cave drawings. Basquiat became incredibly famous with his art. Later on in his career he was associated with Andy Warhol. Basquiat was not formally taught, he just
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