Inner Cities And Its Impact On Society Essay

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America has had an extensive relationship with her inner cities. Inner cities were and are the backbone to America and her achievements. The cities assisted in the mass production of the automobile industry, the destruction of the tyranny known as the Nazi Empire, and are the center piece for businesses today. The inner cities had a reduction in employment during the 2008 financial crisis, leaving the cities and their inhabitants in shambles. This not only affected jobs and parents, but the children as well. This was unfortunate because the cities that built America were now spilt into two parts. One part became an area of bustling traffic and lively people, the other underprivileged individuals with no source of income due to financial collapse of their places of employment. Inner city children face an abundant number of obstacles in their lives being raised in these low-income areas. These areas have become poverty-stricken and are being ignored by the government. Without assistance, whether from the state or the federal level of government, certain factors of their lives are being neglected. Some of the factors that are detrimental to the children are the inadequate educational programs, lack of attendance at school, and parent involvement, lack of availability of nutritional produce and a higher rate of exposure to crime.

The children in inner cities are demonstrating issues with attendance this is detrimental to success because missing days directly impacts

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