Innocence Is Lost As An Effect Of War And Causes Trauma After

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The theme states that innocence is lost as an effect of war and causes trauma after, which is emphasized through the theme’s application towards the different characters. For instance, Rahela in the beginning of the book is brought in as a baby, but develops a sickness as well during the war. The war causes the family of Rahela to have less and less resources to take care of Rahela. The war directly affected Rahela in her life through her sickness, but she is taken to America to be taken care of. As a result of Rahela’s parents death later on, she is raised with her new family in America and is later joined by Ana. The trauma that should have came from the war affecting her life is not shown with Rahela later in her life because of the …show more content…

Relating two characters through their similar take on a proposed traumatic event utilizes characterization and symbolism to develop the theme. In the second section of the book, the attacks that happened on 9/11 were put in the perspective of Ana. The events of 9/11 were awful but Ana does not feel as though her life has changed because she was not there to experience it face to face. Her opinion of the impact of the events of 9/11 is clear when she says, “And I was fine, I assured myself when I hung up. After all, nothing had happened to me,” (Sec. 2, Ch. 2, Pg. 109). Here, she acknowledges that the event has happened but that this event happening in the country that she is in is not impacting her directly. Instead of the events of 9/11 causing new traumatic experiences for her, she begins to acknowledge the traumatic events that happened in her past. The realization that Ana made of needing to be there in person in order for any traumatic impact emphasizes a part of the theme that mentions trauma. Trauma, according from Ana’s realization, comes from direct contact between someone and the issue. For instance, in rape victims they develop their trauma from their direct contact with their situation. However, because the events of 9/11, Ana is able to connect back to the events of her traumatic past leading her to the journey of gaining innocence back. In a way, Ana’s feelings towards the war on America can be compared to the feelings of Luka as well. Luka, during

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