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The continued evolution, advances and discoveries in all aspects of dental sciences increases in an exponential rate over the last years, leading to innovative knowledge and the development of novel materials, protocols and technologies that are transmuting dental practice. Therefore, the influence of this evolution promoted educational reforms at several prestigious dental schools by the inclusion of innovative approaches as evidence-based foundations and translational research into their curriculum. The development of research programs throughout all dental curriculum since first year until graduation may benefit the student criteria and curiosity promoting their pursuit of knowledge, becoming a new young generation of academics and clinicians with the commitment to develop such a level of excellence in which they can assimilate new information over time and adapt it to their clinical …show more content…

Charles N. Bertolami by Inside Dentistry (June, 2013), a worldwide leader in educational model or curriculum, nowadays dental schools attempts to reach a balance between emotional intelligence, scientific judgment, and technical excellence in dentistry. He stated, “that the objective is not to convert every dentist into a scientist. Rather, the purpose is to make every dentist a man or woman of science”. Thus, the research-educational model proposed by Dr. Bertolami promotes that dental students will acquire through their education the intellectual and critical curiosity to select their own criteria, allowing them to assimilate new developments and transfer that knowledge to clinical practice.
Moreover, all that information created by research models and/or projects in dental schools requires an academic pathway for the proper dissemination of ideas, results and knowledge. Thus, academic publications remain an important achievement of a Faculty of Dentistry in order to pursuit excellence in oral and dental research and international

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