Inside The Horror Show That Is Congress Analysis

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Congress is something that I never really thought much about in the past. To me, it was just a building filled with politicians who argued and made laws. I thought it was like the Schoolhouse Rock video, someone comes up with an idea, tells their legislator, the idea becomes a bill, goes through Congress a few times, and at the end of the long path the bill eventually becomes a law. I didn’t think Congress was the nicest place on earth, but I thought it was filled with fair people who only want the best for the people they represent. But, after reading Inside the Horror Show That is Congress, I’ve realized that Congress isn’t as fair as I thought. I was able to conclude that Congress only has the illusion of being a democracy and both Congress …show more content…

They are supposed to represent their people and fight for what they want. But, congressmen are really fighting for themselves. They scare and threaten each other to vote a certain way or do something. During a hearing on the Patriot Act James Sensenbrenner’s purpose for showing up as a witness was to “bare his fangs in the direction of anyone or anything who would threaten his offspring[Patriot Act].” And while Sanders’ amendment was facing the Rules Committee “House leaders were openly threatening their fellow members about the upcoming vote.” Jim Kolbe even said that they would “twist their arms until they break.” That’s not even the end of the cruelty in Congress, you can get your committee positions and influence taken away from you, be pressured or even forced by others to vote a certain way, and so much more. For example Jeff Flake was someone who full heartedly agreed with Bernie Sander’s view on the Patriot Act and supported his amendment. But, all of a sudden after a few weeks he had proposed his own amendment that targets the same topic Sander’s amendment targeted, but was more in favor with the Republicans.“Flake clearly had made a deal with the House leadership.” Congressmen do things to keep themselves safe, to keep their powerful positions in committees and the influence they have over others, whether or not it’s something the people they represent …show more content…

According to McGovern “they [the Rules Committee] can completely rewrite bills then they take it to the foor an hour later. Nobody knows what’s in those bills.” Although there is supposed to be a three day wait period before the Rules Committee sends the bill onto the floor for a vote so members of Congress can read the new bill, it is usually waived by the Rules Committee and Congress has to blindly vote on bills they know nothing about. There are also many situations where bills and amendments easily pass a vote in the House because everyone is already assured that it will be “kill[ed] down the line.” This way they can also “go back home and say they fought for this or that” according to Sanders. Congressmen can make it seem as if they’re doing something their people approve of, but in reality they aren’t doing

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