Instructional Leadership Research Paper

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Instructional Leadership
Throughout the readings, instructional district leadership that made the most impact dealt with incorporating collaborative objectives with regards to academic achievement. For instance, Waters & Marzano (2006) found effective superintendents ensure that the collaborative goal setting process results in nonnegotiable goal in student achievement and instruction (p. 4). Collaborative goal setting is one of the crucial aspects of instructional leadership. Specifically, effective goal setting is one of the most important characteristics a leader can utilize to drive instruction (Leaf & Odhiambo, 2017). In my experience in education, goal setting accomplishes providing direction and exercising influences with …show more content…

The reason for the lack of growth is there needs to be a collaborative focus on the instructional core. The instructional core is the interplay between the educator, students, and the content in the learning setting. These three cores make up how teaching and learning look in the classroom. Thus, to go deeper with improving instruction the focus needs to be on what work is done in class and how the beliefs and understandings of knowledge and skill of the adults who are working with pupils constrain their learning (Costante, 2010, p. 4). This means teachers go through routines and procedures where all parties involved are in a comfortable place with teaching and learning. At times students describe the instructional delivery as a game. As long as students follow the routines, procedures, and do the tasks the teacher puts in place, then they will come out with a passing grade. Usually, the tasks completed in class are at a lower cognitive demand, the level of content, and student engagement than educators think they are.
Another key focus with instructional leadership consists of the assessment used for accountability, which in today 's classroom usually deals with summative assessment. In Texas, a major part of the accountability system geared towards

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