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Integrated Ethics Essay – Exxon Mobil David B. Dykstra Cornerstone University BUS-503 – Prof. James Fyock Introduction In order to operate ethically in a global marketplace, corporations like Exxon Mobil need to define the conduct that they expect from their officers, executives, managers and employees. Without a defined code of conduct, employees feel forced to use their personal mores to determine what actions they should take in ethically ambiguous situations. Like children on a playground, employees need to know where the fences are so that they can work effectively. The Eight Principles In order for the directors and executives in any company to know that their employees are acting in an ethical manner, they need a defined…show more content…
All officers, executives, managers, and employees should respect the privacy of all employees, customers, and other stakeholders. The dignity principle also explicitly forbids child labor and allows the employees to have the option to join a union for representation. Finally, this principle calls on all stakeholders to respect other cultures and beliefs (Stanwick & Stanwick, 2009). The fairness principle requires that all stakeholders be treated fairly and it defines fairness in four ways. Reciprocal fairness speaks to treating other parties fairly and having them treat the company and its employees properly as well. Distributive fairness discusses the proper allocation of limited corporate resources to maximize their benefit for the company as a whole. Competitive fairness involves interaction with existing and potential competitors. Competitive fairness must include fair treatment of your competitors and does not allow collusion, bribes, or other illegal relationships. Procedural fairness requires that the company and its employees treat all parties that interact with the firm properly and with due process, including any internal employees who notify authorities of any illegal actions taking place at the company (Stanwick & Stanwick, 2009). The key aspect of the citizenship principle is that every employee should be a responsible citizen in the community. All officers, executives, managers and employees

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