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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan: Reposition Tsingtao beer in UK

Executive summary

Tsingtao beer is the largest beer brewery in Asia, and always insists a philosophy of producing best beer. It is one of the best-selling beers in China, and till now has been sold to more than 70 countries. Beer market of the world develops very fast and the competition is very intensive, and market competition level is more and more higher, brand is gradually substituting price competition and product competition and becomes the most vigorous and differentiated competitive method. Tsingtao beer’s globalized brand image needs reorganization from British consumers, and its brand influence also needs to be expanded.

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(Xiejing Yan, He Yun, Huang Kui, 2008, 09)

SWOT Analysis

1》 Tsingtao beer’s long history of corporate culture and global brand advantage is sufficient to meet various demand from the market
2》 Tsingtao beer is priced reasonably, and fits most consumers’ psychologically expected price
3》 Tsingtao beer’s quality can match any famous beer brand
4》 Tsingtao beer has established good word of mouth in consumers.
5》 Tsingtao beer has established large selling and management system network
6》 Has invested in marketing, and has some awareness in targeted consumer base
7》 Marketing staffs of various levels are experienced, diligent and warm hearted.

1》 After fast expansion, it is difficult to integrate internal resources
2》 Other beer brands have occupied large market capacity, market share of Carlsberg and Budweiser far exceeds that of Tsingtao beer
3》 Current fixed customer channel network is not perfect, and market coverage of its products is low

1》 Numerous bars in British are important places for beer consumption with huge capacity
2》 Beer is popular for a long time period and is less affected by seasonal factors

1》 Middle-end and high-end bear market is continuously in recession
2》 There are many competitors who entered British market much earlier than Tsingtao beer, for instance,

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