The Boston Beer Company

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RSM 332 Marketing Research
Fall 2011
Thursday 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm WO 20 Professor: Mengze Shi Project: The Boston Beer Company case Chernenko Kirill 998581510

The Boston Beer Company, Inc., founded in 1984, is a leading brewer in United States, offering wide variety of high quality full-flavored, handcraftedbeers. It is distinctive due to the time-honored recipe of brewing and authentic, consistent quality of alcoholic beverages. Samuel Adams Boston Lager is the pride of BBC, regular handcrafted beer “stands for quality, inner self-worth, authenticity, and unique New England or Yankee toughness” ( Martin Roper, Chief Operating Officer). Unfortunately, the company experienced the failure of conquering light beer segment
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This concept appears on our map and it is not surprisingly. What is truly surprising is that Bud Light taking for credit flavorful construct. We do remember that BBC invested in this mainstream andthere was no change in brand awareness of customers. That is why the importance of fully-flavored concept is out of the map.
The question is should Boston Beer attack light beer market? And the answer is yes. Here are the main reasons why BBC should capture their opportunity.
- The recent market position of Samuel Adams beer is very strong, as well as growth prospects. According to Boston Beer Portfolio (1997) showing that Boston Lager and Seasonals have grown by 5% and 10% respectively since 1996. Moreover, if we take a look at Exhibit 7 showing men preferences over regular beer we will see that 45% of weekly servings are SAM (Boston Beer Product). People may rely on their past experience of drinking regular beer by BBC and take a chance to try light beer by the same company, switching from Bud and Amstel to Lightship.
- Best rankings in preferences over other light beer alternatives
In 1987 when Lightship was introduced, 90 out of 100 voters preferred Lightship and marked it as their favorite. One decade passed, but the preferences did not change according to Blind Test (Exhibit 7). Lightship received the lowest point sum average (the best results) struggling with powerful players as Coors, Bud

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