Intellectual Dragon And Beowulf Comparison

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We all have our dragons, or obstacles that delay us from accomplishing our goals. For example, When Beowulf decides to attempt to destroy an actual dragon on his own, his intellectual dragon, old age, stopped him from being able to slay this dragon. He could no longer fight like he used to when he was younger. At one point Beowulf was literally undefeatable. The most impossible battles Beowulf won no matter the situation. Unfortunately Beowulf could not defeat this dragon, instead this dragon caused him to lose his life. My intellectual dragon is my self-confidence. The only difference between me and Beowulf is I will not let my dragon be the cause of my defeat. I must admit between trying to get recruited by a college for basketball and applying for colleges just in case my basketball dream does not work out, has been a real hassle. Throughout the following processes the hope for acceptance or a basketball scholarship offer has been dwindling away. My confidence in myself and my abilities are almost non-existent. With the help of my family I plan on …show more content…

To finally know peace and not all chaos equals happiness. I also hope to gain a closer relationship with God throughout this journey. I am close with him now, but as a Christian the Lord wants us all to grow in his word. He wants us to strive to be like Jesus. No, no one will ever be perfect like Jesus and God knows that, but he knows our hearts and knows just what we are trying to become. And most importantly, I hope to gain the self-confidence I have lost. After the college process comes to an end and I am well aware of how I will begin my future. I am sure everything will begin to fall in place. What if I do not achieve my goals ? I will continue to have faith because through my journey having faith was the main point, and because I do not accomplish my goals does not mean I will lose all that I have gained

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