Intellihuman Is A Fusion Technology Solution

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Introduction Intellihuman is an innovative and fascinating new solution which emphasizes on providing real time patient data, locality and monitoring range of vital statistics and subsequently relaying this information with a health care facility such as a hospital or clinic. In sense, intellihuman is the perfect collaboration of medical technology and Information Technology, providing the users with the best of both worlds. Intellihuman should be considers a giant leap involving these two fields as it is integral in the development of patient care over time utilizing every possible smart devices at our disposal. Intellihuman is a fusion technology solution between hardware/software which gives older medical equipment access to new software and its corresponding hardware upgrade and provides smart organization of patient records and services provided to them ultimately improving the whole experience. Its use in the medical field is virtually limitless. The board at intellihuman consists of veterans of both IT and medical fields guiding the main strategy of the company with ample experience in both areas. The goal is to grow with the established bio-medical businesses and keep up to date with the growing difficulty in providing cost effective care while maintaining or even increasing the overall efficiency. The other factor considered vigorously is protection and discretion of information that is retained on patients. The idea behind intellihuman is not automating the whole

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