Interesting Facts About South Korea

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Interesting facts about South Korea. Interested to learn some fun facts about South Korea?

1.The number “4″ is considered extremely unlucky, to the point where most buildings in Korea do not have a 4th floor. This is actually true in many parts of Asia because the number four is a homonym with the word death in Chinese. For this reason, many countries in Asia consider the number to be extremely unlucky. So much so that many hotels skip the fourth floor.

2. In Seoul, Taxi’s are color coded. a grey or white taxi. And you get a basic car. With a less experienced but still fully qualified driver. Choose a black cab. And you get a bit more luxury and a more experienced driver. But it costs you a few more Won. Whichever way you go the
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It’s all related to their respect for authority and doing what you’re told. “you follow the signs.” Plain and simple. Furthermore, NOT obeying the traffic light can get you into trouble.

7. Fruit is a luxury item. Fruit in Korea is already absurdly expensive, but especially due to the high levels of rain as of late, it’s costing Koreans even more than normal. (What is one of the most expensive fruits? WATERMELON – at about 30,000 won, which is equal to about $30.00 in Canada.) Because of the high level of rain, fruit in Korea is absurdly expensive. A watermelon is about $30,000 won – about $26.50 in US dollars.

8. Koreans love SPAM and it is a countrywide favorite. Why is it so popular? Well, during the war, soldiers were supplied with a lot of canned foods, so they ended up creating something we know now as 부대찌개 (Military Stew). The population ended up picking up on the SPAM after this creation and starting adding it to other soups and recipes. Koreans also LOVE 고구마 (sweet potato) and sweet potato-flavoured things. Deep fried sweet potato, sweet potato cake, sweet potato crackers, sweet potato chips, sweet potato bread, sweet potato latte, sweet potato salad, sweet potato pizza.

10. The South Korean beliefs: (1) about "Fan Death ' ': electric fans left running overnight will kill the persons sleeping in the breeze that they generate. (2) When the first night of the new year comes
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