Internal And External Conflicts Within My Childhood

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Looking back on my childhood filled with lots of memories, I find it rather difficult to share disgraceful stories with your family. One of the most hardest things I 've ever had to do was come out to family and friends I was a lesbian. Anyone who 's a part of the LGBT community understand how challenging this could be. After understanding my internal and external conflicts within myself, I realized the importance of my loved ones feelings, how big of an impact I have in them, and that everyone is not judgemental.

I have always had a hard time communicating with other when it comes to expressing my feelings, and my coming out story was like no other. I was over a friend house playing cards, laughing, joking, having been fun when this beautiful brown skin girl walked in. She had such an amazing glow, and enchancing body which immediately caught my attention. I almost felt as if this was a jaw dropping moment. As she walked pass my nostrils filled with the smell of warm vanilla. I couldn 't help but admire her fresh scent and gave her a compliment. I found myself stumbling over words as I said " you smell amazing, warm vanilla is one of my favorite scents I couldn 't help but notice." She simply said " thank you, it 's one of my favorites too." We instantly engaged in conversation, she was pretty cool and was actually a friend of my friend. After I saw how fascinated I was with the female body and and amazing personality, I soon after realized what was happening to me.

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