Internal And Internal Attributions

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Attributions are the answers to why people do the things they do. People’s behavior can have situational factors and dispositional factors. The situational factors cause external attributions and the dispositional factors cause internal attributions. An example of a scenario where the internal and external attributions can be studied is the following: a man, John, asks a woman, Alice, out on a date and he gets rejected. Possible situational factors can be that she already has a boyfriend, he asked her to go clubbing with him and she does not like to party, or she is not ready to have a relationship because of a recent break up. Possible dispositional factors could be that he should have showered before he talked to her instead of coming…show more content…
Causal attribution is the construal process people use to explain both their own and other’s behavior. John wants to explain why he asked her out and why did she reject him (Gilovich 157). In this scenario, John could say the locus of causality is internal, it was something about him that she did not like. The thing Alice did not like about John could have been that she did not like his hair and he needed a shower. Therefore, the controllability was that he did have control over the outcome. John could always try again with a haircut and a shower and see how the behavior change. In John’s scenario, he had more internal attributions than external. A scenario that has more external attributions is where a girl named Juanita believes in horoscopes. Why does she believe this improbable thing? Juanita can turn to Kelly’s Theory of Covariation which states that people do not only focus on single situations; instead they integrate lots of info across situations to make sense of people’s behavior. The three things to look at are consensus, distinctiveness, and consistency. For example, in this scenario there is consensus because people believe in the horoscope and say it is true to their personalities. There is distinctiveness because Juanita always believe that her horoscope is accurate only when she reads the qualities of her horoscope. There is consistency because the horoscope is always accurate, so Juanita always believe that the
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