International Adoption

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Running head: INTERNATIONAL AND INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTION International and Intercountry Adoption The University of Akron International and Intercountry Adoption The birth of a child represents a milestone in the life of families. For those who are not able to conceive a child by natural means, adoption often comes as an alternative and rewarding way to build a family and fulfill individuals’ desire to experience parenthood. Whether for biological or personal reasons, many have taken the path to adoption despite the fact that they are able to have their own biological child. Others have taken this remarkable road based on values or altruism. Whatever the reason, family dynamics change with the arrival of a child and counseling poses…show more content…
At times families wish to adopt from the country of the family’s own ethnic origin, or they may be familiar with others who have successfully adopted overseas. The research also suggests that the major reason families choose to adopt international is the manner in which most international adoptions are conducted; a process that minimizes the threat that a child could be offered to potential parents and then withdrawn. International birth parents transfer their parental rights to a third-party adoption agency or orphanage before the adoptive parents get involved in the process. This may not be the case with domestic adoptions, mainly when a child is expected, but not yet born. Birth parents may change their minds about adopting out their child during the period before the adoption is finalized (Fain, n.d., Thus, one can conclude that this can be a terrifying prospect for would-be-parents to contemplate, and adoptive parents who wish to reduce this possibility may prefer international adoption or may otherwise work only to identify candidate children who have already been placed in an orphanage or foster program. In addition, some adoptive parents find that international restrictions on who may adopt (with regard to age, finances, etc.) may be less severe, making it more likely their
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