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over the online competitors permitting local customers the ability for a more conventional shopping experience, to inspect garments before committing to a purchase. A professional tailor and T-shirt printer are trading within the establishment for any immediate alterations or printing requests. The custom made items and imported clothing lines aren 't likely to be seen or found on the high-street. There has already been interest shown via social media accounts and blogs from members of the public to place orders and purchase items from the website once it is trading and stock is available. 4.5 Company Ethics Models used to advertise the products aren 't perceived to be abnormally underweight like the majority of cutting-edge fashion designers, thus promoting body confidence for the average consumer and not encouraging eating disorders. The use of real fur requires chemicals to keep them from decomposing and production pollutes the environment and can use up vital resources. The fact that real fur causes millions of animals to suffer every single year there are synthetic alternatives using more affordable imitations, promoting eco- and animal-friendly ethical issues.The International Business & Economics Research Journal outlines how the outbreak of the internet have had a considerable impact on the fashion industry, the findings of this study revealed factors that determine consumer behaviour with regards to the rise in e-puchase 's that is forming a substitute to the

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