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International Business Landscape:
T2 (Tea Too) is a tea heaven, a tea-lovers’ heaven. It is a premium brand established in 1996 in Australia over 18 years ago and cherished internationally by all tea devotees. It has 60 stores throughout in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and America. However, the first retail outlet is located in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Maryanne Shearer is the creative director of T2 - Australia’s leading tea retailer, with largest range of tea and tea wares in Australia. It offers the country’s largest range of premium, fragrant tea and tea wares from all around the globe. Tea devotees can spend hours at their taster table, trying all the different types of hot and cold teas they have come up with. It’s
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Shearer turned T2’s loose-leaf, basic tea products into premium products. According to Shearer, T2 has a depth of knowledge of tea and has pioneered sustainability in the industry (T2 Website).
Shearer’s tea-focused retail chain, T2 has been purchased by tea giant Unilever in 2013 which owns Lipton brand. T2 is a great Australian success story and a story that now intends to continue with Unilever. On this acquisition, Shearer commented, “We are delighted that we have found a home for T2 that has such a depth of knowledge of tea and has pioneered sustainability in the industry. Both I and the T2 team are looking forward to working alongside new colleagues in Unilever’s tea business to realise the full potential of the business we have spent the last 17 years building.” (Unilever Website)
Role of Organizational Behaviour at the Company
Organizational behaviour is field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, group, and structure have on behaviour within the organization. It is the study and application of knowledge about how people act within organizations. It covers three determinants of behaviours in organizations: individuals, groups, and structure.
At T2, the staff and employees focused on making sure that each and every T2 customer is satisfied and enjoy having tea and should have memorable experience. At T2, entire team is dedicated to get knowledge about tea, which far exceeds the requirements of
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