International Business Environment

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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Question 4: Compare and contrast the activities of two companies of your choice in the same industrial sector in developing new technology to try to maintain competitive advantage. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3 TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT 4 (i)PRINCIPAL STAGES OF TECH DEVELOPMENT 4 (ii)BASIC INDEXES OF TECHNOLOGY 4 ROLE OF R&D 5 TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION 7 ANALYSIS 10 (i)SAMSUNG 10 (ii)APPLE 12 PORTER’S 5 FORCE MODEL COMPARISON 15 SWOT ANALYSIS 17 CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATION 19 REFERENCES 21 INTRODUCTION This paper seeks to compare core and enabling…show more content…
Machines designed to replace human labor played a crucial part in the developing social production to perform production and transportation functions. Inventions such as the SPINNING JENNY & the STEAM ENGINE commenced the Industrial Revolution. This marked the evolution of machine production. Basic indexes of technology: The most important indexes in technology are productivity, reliability, and economy of operation. The productivity denotes the quantity of goods produced, processed, or shipped per unit time. The reliability of technology is characterized by the capacity to produce itemized quantity of goods without interruption. As the name suggest economy of the operation is determined by the consumption of materials, power and by the cost of supporting facilities necessary for the operation to take place. The indexes of any operation can be improved by perfecting the design of the working elements and by automating operational processes which is nothing but modernization. The life of any technology can be improved by well-timed modernization which ensures that the technology meets the demand of technical and scientific progress. ROLE OF R&D: Consumer demands continuously changes to indicate the different needs as the society develops. A fresh range of high quality products is what the consumer wants. In order to meet up to the needs in a sustainable way a balance of research and development is needed. Research and development are
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