International Business Machine Corporation ( Ibm ) Essay

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International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) was funded in 1924 in the Unite Stats by Thomas J. Watson. IBM as the world biggest Information Technology assistance service and business company. It is well known that IT market exist several large and powerful company such as Microsoft and HP. The WPP (2016) reported, based on BrandZ 2016, IBM receive rank of 10th out of the 100 which IBM at the leading position. According to such consequence, it is clear that IBM has own advance strategic position and business development. This assessment mainly to evaluate IBM’s competitive strategic. Base on the strategy, this article will critical analysis the strategy and give personal view. This report is divided into three parts. Firstly, this report will review the theory of generic competitive strategy. Secondly, combine the situation of IBM with competitive strategy and give the view of the selection of competitive strategy. Finally, it will base on these parts to give accommodation.

Basic, the generic competitive strategy mainly to connect with Porter. Porter believe the position of an enterprise in its industry determines its profitability. However, for an enterprise to maintain a high economic efficiency for a long time requires a competitive advantage which mainly refer to cost advantage and differentiation. These two advantages come from the ability of the enterprise to deal with the five forces from the environment. According to enterprise apply such advantage in narrow or

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