International Justice Mission 's Application Of Representative

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International Justice Mission’s Application of Representative Anecdotes
The International Justice Mission is a Christian non-profit human rights organization based in Washington D.C. that combats sex trafficking, sexual violence, forced labor, police brutality, property grabbing, citizens rights abuse, and other violent forms of oppression worldwide. IJM targets global injustice by working with law enforcement to ensure the rescue, recovery, and legal defense of victims while enacting laws to strengthen local justice systems. Since its formation in 1997, IJM has seen over 7,770 convictions and has rescued 23,000 victims in twenty communities, with partner offices in Australia, the UK, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. In addition to its full time staff, IJM relies on individuals, churches, businesses, and advocacy groups for prayer, fundraising, awareness raising events, and legal support in signing petitions and contacting elected officials regarding legislation to combat human trafficking. In order to connect with people on a personal level and affect change, IJM utilizes representative anecdotes.
To better understand the story IJM seeks to convey, we might look to their website’s Get To Know Us page. Here, IJM states that their vision is to “rescue thousands, protect millions, and prove that justice for the poor is possible”(IJM). They continue, listing out their key values of partnership with local governments and communities, diversity of staff, with 95% of staff

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