International NGO's and the Aid Industry

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It was initiated by NGOs trying to gain more aid, to help eliminate third world countries debt, and to help solve trade injustice. The campaign noticed an increase in North American development NGOs, and how all of them were campaigning for social change globally. Issues with social justice and aid depending on international politics are the most significant factors influencing African social, economic, and political life due to the fact that there is colonial ruling. The article talks about how poverty is the main problem facing third world countries, rather than rights and freedom. Increased financial dependence of INGOs has made third world countries dependent on the aid industries development. The process of decolonization was started to free the African nations from European colonial rule.

The Article “NGOs, A Tainted History” by Firoze Manji and Carl O'Coill is about how NGOs form a prominent part of the development machine in the developing world. With the thousands of NGOs that are now present in the world, their role in development is increasing every year. While their work contributes marginally to the relief of poverty, it also undermines the struggle of the African people to relieve them from economic, social and political…
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