International Relations During The Great Depression

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Janine Douglas
CHST 504
Professor Kasprzak
16 July, 2015 The First World War rocked the world into a modern era of warfare and diplomacy. The twentieth century had started with a literal bang, that scarred the world with the amount of devastation they had not known they were capable of. This would be the beginning of a few decades that would be tumultuous - to say the least - for Europe. Close on the heels of the First World War came the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and the 1930s would come to be known as an era of economic depression, fractured international relationships, appeasement, and totalitarian governments that would rise up and cause devastation that would echo into the next century. International relationships during the 1930s were greatly affected by the consequences of the First World War, as well as the economic downfall of the Great Depression. Europe following the First World War was like an injured dog , retreating with its tail between its legs to lick its wounds. The devastation of the First World War caused most European countries to isolate themselves in their own failing economies, in an attempt to rehabilitate after the destruction of the war. The 1920s saw demilitarization in Britain, France, America, Germany, and most every country. The aim, here was to forget the horror that the world had just gone through, and to ensure that it did not happen again. However, despite having signed the

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