International Torture Research Paper

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According to my own experience, torture someone generate fear, and this can lead the one being tortured to lie just because he is being tortured. When I was a litter girl, I went through a similar experience when my mother was looking for some money that according to her, the money was on the table and suddenly disappear. I was the only one in the living room and my mom blamed me and started to bit me up asking me for the money. I had to accept that I took the money and buy something to eat since I was hungry. After my confession, my mother stopped biting me and sent me to my room. I was just crying because I knew that I did not even see any money on that table. Five minutes later, my mom was looking for her shoe under the table and she saw the money since it was a bill. She came to my room asking me that why I lied. I told her that I lied because I wanted her to stop biting me. My mother realized that when she put the money on the table, there was a fan next to the table that blew the money making it fly under the other table. In a nutshell, I was innocent!! …show more content…

stand in contrast to international treaties, conventions, and declarations that provide basic guidelines for the treatment of prisoners”. Also, torture violates human rights so, the US should not torture prisoner no matter what the situation is because the notion that torture might get the information blinds us to the other way that might be just as successful. Torture does not lead to the true. In some cases, innocent people are tortured and these people had to lie in order to stop the torturing

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