International Trade Is Important For Globalization

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Even though all businesses have the ability to earn profit, but those able to compete in a global market may earn better profits than those only focus in one country. I think that is why so many students choose to study international business. Because it many people are earning a lot money from it. International business mainly deals with business, trade and commerce on a global market. Because laws and cultures different from country to country, businesses have to prepare to deal with whatever issues may come up. With Internet communication, communicate between company are faster which cause global business competition became fiercer.
In international business the main factor will be trade. International trade is the process of exchange capital, goods and services throughout the world. In most countries it occupies a significant part of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Industrialization, transportation, globalization, and outsourcing are having a major impact on the international trade. Due to the exchange from country to country increasing international trade is important for globalization. International trade is also a major source of economic profit for any countries. Without international trade, countries would be limited to the goods and services produced in their own country.
International trade has no different from domestic trade as the motivation and the behavior of parties involved in a trade does not change whether the trade is international or not. The main
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