Internet Addiction Essay

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The internet is a great tool and it has been proven to benefit many people that decides to use it’s features. The advancements that has been done to our technology is some that many people, at some point in time, could only dream about and now look how far it has gone. People can find the answer to almost anything they want by just simply searching it up online. Although the internet is used by almost everybody, it doesn’t always mean that it benefits all of it’s users. The internet is something that has grown in popularity since it was first introduced in 1982. Every day there is a average of about 9 billion internet searches a day. As the advancements in our technology reach new heights,people are now spending more time online. These …show more content…

Some 80 million mobile web users were added last year” ( China’s teens are more extreme when it comes to the amount of time spent online. In china teens, mostly males, spend the most time on online games. “An estimated 24 million Chinese teenagers are said to be addicted to online games” ( One instance on how extreme this problem is was when a chinese teenager proceeded to sever his hand from his body in an attempt of curing his unwanted problem. “A chinese teenager has been rushed to hospital after chopping off his hand in a desperate attempt to cure his addiction to the internet. There are currently an estimated 24 million young “web junkies” in China according to official estimates and a growing number of clinics and military-style “boot camps” designed to rehabilitate them” ( Many people have gone to extreme measures to try and cure their addiction but many haven’t found effective ways. This has lead to openings of internet conversion camps. Since a large amount of people in China are addicted to the internet, many conversion type clinics have opened. Thus creating an uproar of people trying to figure how they are able to try and cure this problem. Most of the methods that they use include physical, as well as mental, torture to sway the kid away from the net and more into

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