Internet Is More Important Part For Communication

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INTRODUCTION: Internet is getting more important part for communication. Internet is very powerful platform that has changed way we communicate. The internet has become a globalized communication media. But at the same time, computer hacking is increasing very rapidly. Hackers are people, who try to get unauthorized access to the system. We can protect our systems by using firewall and anti-virus software. But some users access internet for some very confidential work, using firewall and antivirus are also not sufficient to keep communication secure.  A security is deals with the three ideas: 1) Prevention: The main purpose of this is, we have to stop the attackers. Consider a day to today example, House, can be keep secure by preventing…show more content…
Technically we use these ideas in all security aspects. For example, the military, as it is important to know enemy, what strategy he/she uses to hack, what tools he/she use to hack and what’s his/her aim is for. Another example, Internet online banking, social networking or other services, you may be in the risk of hacker from personal information and confidential information. Hacker may access your information through unsecured connections or by virus software and then use your personal details for their benefit. This may lead a very serious trouble. For this problem the only solution is to detect the hacker and prevent hacker from the sites or just block the IP address of the hacker. To gather as much as information as possible and detect the attacker. This we can do with the Honeypot tool. The goal of Honeypot is silently collect the information as much as possible about their attack patterns, used programs, purpose of attack and block the community. A Honeypot is used in computer and Internet security. It is a resource, which is intended to be attacked and computerized to gain information about the attacker, and used tools. It a honeypot is successful by gathering the information, intruder will have no idea that he/she is being scanned and monitored. Honeypots are installed inside firewalls, so they can control in better way, though firewall it is possible to install
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