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| IT Security Consultants, Inc. 555 East 1000 South, Salt Lake City, UtahPhone Number: (801) 555-0100 Fax: (801) 555-0110 | 2/23/2009 | | | FTD Enterprises | Request for Proposal | | Brandon Moore Justin JoosBrandon LittleMark PetersonJason Kilgore | | **This document meets a request for proposal from FTD Enterprises to implement a security infrastructure and other tasks stated in the proposal. | Table of Contents Company Overview 3 Project Team Staffing 4 Executive Summary 7 Scope, Approach, and Methodology 8 Risk Assessment 8 Problems and Solutions 8 Assumptions 13 Project Management 14 Resources 14 Task List 15 Network Topology 24 Deliverables 29 Budget 30 Appendix: Detailed Budget 33…show more content…
Justin has his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, and an MBA in Business Administration. Project Team Staffing Jason Kilgore — Sales Director Jason Kilgore joined IT Security Consultants, Inc. in 2005 and began a successful sales career culminating in his role as Sales Director. Jason recruits, develops, and manages the sales team and is responsible for the overall coordination and leadership of all sales activities to meet the needs of IT Security Consultants, Inc. customers and the objectives of IT Security Consultants, Inc .’s business plans and strategies. Jason also provides expert advice on Linux solutions to the company infrastructure. Prior to working at IT Security Consultants, Inc ., Jason was a General Manager and a corporate trainer with The Discovery Zone. Jim Halgren — Information Systems Manager Jim joined Capstone Securities in 2003 and has grown in various positions to his present position which he has held since 2005. He is responsible for the company’s advanced IT infrastructure including: system and application software, computers and servers, and communications. His education includes an Associate’s Degree in networking, a Bachelors Degree in Information Security and a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Jim is no stranger to network security and implementation of networks, having spent 7 years as

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