Internet friends real or fake

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What constitutes a real friendship? In this day and age many people have lots of “friends” with social media especially Facebook users. Can a friendship through social media replace a friend that you can touch and feel? People use social media websites to keep in touch or reconnect to past acquaintances and follow each other’s lives. People use social media sites such as facebook, myspace or instgram to keep in touch and follow each other’s lives. Before these sites or the internet people kept in touch with friends by visiting, calling and writing letters all of which require a real effort to nurture a friendship. During those times if you weren’t close friends with someone they would eventually not be part of you’re so called friends…show more content…
When you need help can you post on a something like Facebook and count on people outside of your core group of friend showing up to help? It’s interesting at how many people use social media “Facebook attracted 67.5 million visitors in the U.S. in April (according to ComScore Inc.), and the fastest-growing demographic is people over 35” (Dailey 219). This in itself is interesting but the reason for the old age of the growing population is the connecting with past acquaintances from our past. I did a survey of my friends list and asked why everyone was friends with the people they had chosen to be friends with on Facebook. Many answers were to reconnect with people they had lost contact with while others wanted to see if past relationships had moved up or gone down in their opinion. This part was shocking and funny that some would admit this and it seems many would use “friends” to check on ex-spouses or ex-lovers. The people with children use Facebook to keep track of their kid’s friends and families. Another interesting fact was the way military or veterans use Facebook to stay in contact with friends all around the world. One big positive benefit was how many grandparents use Facebook to keep up to date on what their grandchildren are doing which before the internet they waited for a phone call or a letter. Now they can see pictures the day the picture is taken and can message them with no mail or long distance calls. Can Facebook
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