Internship Experience Report On African Union Essay

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MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY The Department of Political Science
African Union(PSC)/CISSA
Lily Assefa

Internship Experience Report (May-August) 2016


This document contains the report of my internship period conducted at the Committee of Intelligence & Security Services of Africa and at the Peace and Security Council in the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the time period: May 20- August 1st. During my internship at the African Union, I was focused on different on going issues in African but what interested me the most was areas in conflict prevention and the relationship between social media and African governments. I favored these topics because currently there are about 29 ongoing border disputes within Africa, which could have been possibly prevented with better border conflict prevention strategies. Many African governments view social media as a threat as citizens have used it as method of demonstration. Is social media complicating peacekeeping for governments?

This internship report is divided into four main sections.
The first section gives a general introduction of the internship institution I was hosting at during my internship period. The second section provides an overview of the internship in practice and the duties and tasks that I was assigned to do, and the third section is devoted to an evaluation and reflection of the knowledge and

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