Internship Pathway Paper

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My pathway for this project is the internship pathway and I plan to become a in the Southern Education Leadership Initiative (SELI). A project that works with various organizations in the American south to bring education equality. This project should help me grow in gaining experience in working in environments that I am not necessarily used to. In order to do this though I need to apply for the fellowship and if I am accepted I need to find a place to live when I am assigned a location.
The first goal I needed to achieve is applying and for obvious reasons, that starts the whole process and I needed to do this all by the first of March. First I had to make sure my resume was up to date and included everything I needed it to. Career Services …show more content…

I will need to look at the many factors that go into making that decision. I will need to look at how much it will cost to stay at a place for about a month and take into account the conditions of the place and the surrounding neighborhood. And I will have to look at the cost of food. I may have trouble with finding transportation around town, so I many need to borrow a family member’s car or look at public transportation. But for all of these things the fellowship pays a stipend for the cost of living
In late February I turned in all the materials necessary for the application. In April I will know if I got the fellowship. And on the 25th May I will have orientation in Georgia until the 27th and will have to move my assigned location between then and the 30th, which is when the fellowship starts. The placement ends on the July 22nd and there will be a closing meeting in Georgia from the 27th to the 30th of the month.
The biggest obstacle I had in applying for this was writing the personal statement. I find writing about myself to be tedious and awkward, but I think that was also a real opportunity to think about what I find

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