Interpersonal Communication Themes

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After reviewing all the tests above it is clear that there are some common themes and possible inconsistencies that run through some of the results produced. First, it would seem that when first looking at the type of support I need I feel the need to have people around me that can support me. This is clear with my emotional support score in the multidimensional coping inventory and in the self-worth contingencies test. The key here though is that I need family support or those who are close to me. I do not rely on people who I am not close to. This means that I make a big distinction in my relationships. I tend to put a lot of weight in my closer friendships and in my relationship with my immediate family. I do not tend to rely on people who…show more content…
The extraversion trait was asked in a lot of these tests and it would seem in each one I got a high score. For example in the NEO test I got a high score on extraversion indicating that I like to be around people and I like to start up conversations. I have never really been afraid to put myself out there and get to know others. If I am not being social it is very much my decision and has nothing to do with me feeling that I cannot be social. Furthermore, on the Anxiousness scale it showed that I did not have a lot of social anxiety which is consistent with the statements mentioned above. If anything when I am not social it means that I am probably just tired and drained of energy. The other test that indicated I was high in extraversion was Eysenck's personality test. In this scale the questions seemed to center around what kind of activities you like to engage in and how assertive you are. In this category I am very into doing active activities and jumping into new things. I always feel a need to be doing something and cannot stay still really. I like to have my day packed with things back to back so I don't really have a lot of down time. Additionally, I have always been assertive and open about my opinion with people. This stems from the family I come from where it is very common to say what is on your mind and to not really filter. Our family would probably be categorized as thick-skinned. Meaning I had to get over any sense of shyness that I felt very quickly. My family jokes were unrelenting and almost conditioned you to be assertive and sharp
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