Interpersonal Relationship and High Self-monitors

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Self-Monitoring and Dating Courtney Borovskis Ramapo College of New Jersey Change is inevitable and we as a society can do nothing to alter this from happening. From what is popular among the different generations to the different hairstyles and clothing options. We are always evolving as a society, except for one aspect in our lives. No matter what generation we were born into and how old we as a society are expected to follow the social norm ultimately finding his or her spouse and end in a committed relationship. Relationships are a huge topic today in researching socially how society acts. Constantly asking how do we find this one special person? There have been numerous experiments and researchers who have taken the time to…show more content…
The underlying variable to this finding I believe is self-esteem. When you are content with yourself you will produce more intrinsic characteristics, which means a more low self-monitoring way of approaching relationships. However, when the self esteem of a person is not great they will exert high self-monitoring characteristics and that will greatly affect their future relationships. With my experiment I plan to see results showing those of high self-monitoring people will date for much shorter periods of times and more frequently however when it come to choosing a partner or friend they will more times then likely choose their partner. And those who exhibit low self-monitoring will date for longer periods of times but when it comes down to doing activities with either a friend or partner they are more comfortable in choosing a friend. And in the end I believe we will see much more low self-monitoring people will be dating exclusively rather then those who are high self-monitoring. Methods Participants This research is hoping to shed light on the self-monitoring and dating tendencies of students enrolled in Ramapo College of New Jersey. In order to receive the most accurate of results necessary to analyze and compare to our hypothesis I originally collected a total of 161 volunteer participants, surveying a good majority of the Ramapo College campus. However, for this project specifically I have focused my work on the bottom
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