Interpretation By Summarizing. To Summarize Is To State

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Interpretation by Summarizing
To summarize is to state the most important points. We might try to summarize the Bible. We might try to summarize some scientific observations. We might try to summarize our experiences. We might try to summarize this book.
Many of our statements are summaries. It would be nice if we could interpret our observations and experiences by pure objective summarizing. It’s very difficult though. Our worldviews get in the way.
Anytime we summarize, we leave out information that we consider minor. We only include information that we consider the most important information. That makes it very easy to distort reality into something that looks real but isn’t real. There are several problems with summaries. These …show more content…

During analysis, we tend to unconsciously add elements of the worldview and create an illusion. What we’ve built in our worldviews seems real. When we add unreal elements from our worldviews, we think those unreal elements are real. Worldviews give that illusion. During analysis, we often unconsciously filter some elements out if those elements aren’t part of our worldviews. In addition, we don’t have a way of knowing that we have identified all the elements unless God reveals such a thing to us. The worldview is a deceitful filter. For this reason, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide us in the process. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to correct us when we get it wrong.
Interpretation can’t add information. It’s not a source of new knowledge. It can give us a better understanding of the information that exists. Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the human mind is deceitful and will automatically distort the interpretation.
Explanations as a Way of Knowing
During the Q&A session, Bill made the following statement:
We challenge you; tell us why the universe is accelerating. Tell us why these mothers were getting sick. And we found an explanation for it.
Explanations aren’t found. Explanations are made up. The word “explanation” exposes wrong thinking about how we can know. Bodie Hodge gives this example:
“Now I want the readers to understand that just because someone has an explanation for something, that doesn’t make it true. The Greeks

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