Interprofessional Collaboration

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Interprofessional Collaboration Interprofessional Collaboration Interprofessional communication and collaboration are a significant part of ensuring safe and effective patient outcomes. In the case detailed below the health care team failed to communicate and collaborate care of patient A, ultimately leading to a negative outcome. Patient A is a female white 38 year old G1P0 with Type I diabetes since the age of 9. Due to her high risk pregnancy and history of non compliance with medical therapy she had been coming in since 28 weeks gestation for twice weekly non stress tests. One Saturday as patient A was at the hospital for her non stress test she was found to have elevated blood pressure and proteinuria. Dr. A, an obstetrician …show more content…

Discussion of Outcomes The intent of interprofessional collaboration is one that will foster the safe practice of all health care professionals, and enables the achievement of better outcomes. Some outcomes needed for this particular situation would be as followed: 1. Shared decision making between all providers

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